My No Nonsense Nutrition Program


Do the following questions resonate with you? Confused and overwhelmed with all the information out there about nutrition and what is and is not healthy? At a plateau in your current weight loss program? Recently been told you have diabetes or prediabetes? Wonder if there is something you can do to avoid the health problems your family members have experienced? No time for traveling to appointments?

Using over 30 years experience in nursing, diabetes and nutrition, I have integrated my experience and knowledge with current nutrition facts and new information. With diabetes and obesity at epidemic levels and heart disease still the leading cause of death in our country, clearly what we are doing is not working! 

If you are ready to become healthier, I can help! No need to travel…I use internet screen sharing, recorded webinars and phone calls to come directly to you. Call 406-546-7819 or email me at  to schedule your initial free assessment. 

The program includes facts and useful information that you can put to use right away. In addition to the educational coaching sessions that help you correct your nutritional deficiencies, you also receive non food related information to help you achieve your health goals.… fitness tips, support, accountability and live Q&A to get your questions answered. 

There are special bonuses for people with diabetes including answers to your diabetes related questions.

Email or call 406-546-7819 and ask for your free assessment session to decide if this is for you.